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Best Client Story


As a lawyer I hear lots of great stories from clients. One of my favorites involves a client's grandson whom here I call Joseph. Some years ago the client’s daughter, Joseph’s mother, died of cancer. Joseph was then in his teens or a young adult. 

The client and his son-in-law, Joseph’s father, were in the kitchen planning the funeral when Joseph came in.

“I want to speak at my mother’s funeral,” Joseph announced.

The witnesses there humored him. “Sure, Joseph. That’ll be fine.”

Each day leading up to the funeral Joseph said the same, and everyone humored him. You know kids.

Soon the day of the funeral arrived. The service was at a big church and packed, I believe, and was going well when all of a sudden Joseph made his move. He was front and center, armed no doubt with a microphone. 

Joseph, who has down syndrome, proceeded to hold everyone spellbound with his insight. He told his mother’s story like no one else ever could. Then he quietly returned to where he was seated.

                                         * * *

Steven T. O'Hara